Assignment Abroad Times {AAT} is an exclusive popular English language newspaper commanding the largest readership in India and abroad. Classified Display Appointment Ad Bookings in AAT has far and wider reach among the lakhs of its readers.
Assignment Abroad Times is a bi-weekly English language newspaper first published on 27th February 1993 in Mumbai by Aishwarya Publications Private Limited.
This AAT bi-weekly is published on Wednesdays and Saturdays only. It carries appointment ads regarding job openings in abroad for job seekers. Overseas employers wish to recruit Indians also have approved AAT as their media to source manpower requirements. Soon AAT is to launch another newspaper titled 'Vacancies for You'.
Those who are looking for jobs or seeking to change jobs refer Assignment Abroad Times. And so classified appointment ads in AAT are seen by lakhs of its readers.
Please note: Assignment Abroad Times has NO Text Classified Ad bookings at present. It has only Display classifieds and Display ads booking; and that too for only one category that is Appointment ads.
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