Kannada Prabha is a leading Kannada language daily newspaper having the largest readership in Karnataka. Kannada Prabha Classifieds are popular with the readers of Karnataka.   
Kannada Prabha is a Kannada language newspaper. It was first launched in Bengaluru in November 1967. It has the highest readership in Karnataka. Kannada Prabha is published from 5 centers in Karnataka and from Hyderabad and Goa.
Kannada Prabha is published by Express Publications (Madurai) Limited, which is the flagship Company of the group. This flagship company also brings out prestigious English language daily newspaper, The New Indian Express from 24 centers in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala and Orissa. It also publishes Sunday Standard from New Delhi; Tamil daily Dinamani, Cinema Express (Tamil), Malayalam Varika (Malayalam) and Sakhi (Kannada).
The group has ePapers on the net www.newindianexpress.comwww.dinamani.comwww.kannadaprabha.comwww.cinemaexpress.com,  www.malayalamvaarika.com 
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