Mangalam is a popular Malayalam daily first launched in 1969 in Kottayam. It commands a wide readership in Kerala and is published from seven centers. Your Classified Ad Bookings in Mangalam would surely reach your intended target audiences.  
Mangalam has other group of publications which include Mangalam Weekly; Kanyaka, a women’s fortnightly;  Arogya Mangalam, a health magazine; Balamangalam, Chithrakatha and Kalicheppu children’s magazines; Cinema Managalam a film weekly; Jyothisha Bhooshanam, an astrological fortnightly; all in Malayalam languages. And Mangala, Balamangala, Gulivindu, Jyothisha Mangala in Kannada languages.
Mangalam daily newspaper has no Text Classified Ad bookings at present
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