Book Navakal Classified Ads

Navakal is a popular Marathi daily newspaper first published in March 1923 by Natyacharya Khadilkar. It ranks as the ninth most popular Marathi daily and has the highest readership base among the Marathi speaking population in Maharashtra.  Navakal Marathi newspaper is best considered for advertising to reach the Marathi speaking population in Maharashtra. Book your classifieds in Navakal for better results.
Editions :
Rates based on :
Navakal display classified rates are based on and Navakal text classified rates are based on Words

    Navakal Newspaper
    Text Classified Ads

  • Economical and tariff per line/ word
  • Ad is in simple text format with no design
  • Various enhancements like Tick, Border & Bold available

    Navakal Newspaper
    Display Classified Ads

  • Greater visibility and bigger size
  • Graphical elements can be used
  • Tariff on per sq. cm or col. cm basis

    Navakal Newspaper
    Display Ads

  • Creative ads using concepts and design
  • More expensive as ad size is bigger
  • Ads can be displayed anywhere in publication