Book Rajkot Plus Classified Ads

Rajkot Plus
Editions :
Ahmedabad, Rajkot
Rates based on :
Rajkot Plus display classified rates are based on and Rajkot Plus text classified rates are based on Lines

    Rajkot Plus Newspaper
    Text Classified Ads

  • Economical and tariff per line/ word
  • Ad is in simple text format with no design
  • Various enhancements like Tick, Border & Bold available

    Rajkot Plus Newspaper
    Display Classified Ads

  • Greater visibility and bigger size
  • Graphical elements can be used
  • Tariff on per sq. cm or col. cm basis

    Rajkot Plus Newspaper
    Display Ads

  • Creative ads using concepts and design
  • More expensive as ad size is bigger
  • Ads can be displayed anywhere in publication