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It was started since 15 August, 1947 in Uttar Pradesh as one of the popular Hindi language newspapers and it is the only newspaper to get Postage Stamp from Department of Post and Telegraph, Govt. of India on its Golden Jubilee Celebration. It is also published in Kanpur, Lucknow, Uttarakhand and bordering areas of Madhya Pradesh.
Swatantra Bharat
Uttar Pradesh
Editions :
Kanpur, Lucknow
Rates based on :
Swatantra Bharat display classified rates are based on and Swatantra Bharat text classified rates are based on Words

    Swatantra Bharat Newspaper
    Text Classified Ads

  • Economical and tariff per line/ word
  • Ad is in simple text format with no design
  • Various enhancements like Tick, Border & Bold available

    Swatantra Bharat Newspaper
    Display Classified Ads

  • Greater visibility and bigger size
  • Graphical elements can be used
  • Tariff on per sq. cm or col. cm basis

    Swatantra Bharat Newspaper
    Display Ads

  • Creative ads using concepts and design
  • More expensive as ad size is bigger
  • Ads can be displayed anywhere in publication